To reflect an expanding range of mixers with varied capabilities, Scott Turbon Mixer has rebranded to Scott Mixers. This brand change will affect only marketing materials, as their legal name will remain Scott Turbon Mixer. That means any official documents, order forms, contracts, and even the products themselves will be labeled with the Scott Turbon Mixer name, while flyers, brochures, and website pages—among other things—will refer to the brand as Scott Mixers.

A Brief History of Scott Mixers

This name continues to pay homage to the company founders, Bill and Linda Scott. More than forty years ago, Bill Scott decided to compete with some of the biggest names in manufacturing by becoming the stainless steel specialist. While many other companies use regular steel at lower costs, Scott Mixers commits to higher quality materials, even though stainless steel is more expensive. It pays off in the end, as Scott Mixers are now shipped to more than twenty countries around the world for use in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical manufacturing.

Scott Mixers and Their Uses

If you’re looking for mixers that offer anything between formulation development and full-scale manufacturing, Scott Mixers has you covered with high quality stainless steel mixers.

  • High Shear Batch Mixers

High Shear Batch Mixers are used often in food, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and chemical processing and manufacturing. They come in top-mount and bottom-mount configurations. Both mixer types are great for powder wetting and dispersion, which works well for gums, mineral powders, flavorings, and sweeteners. They also work well for emulsions, such as oil and water and homogenizing.

  • High Shear Inline Mixers

High Shear Inline Mixers are great for inline blending, product smoothing, and de-agglomerating dispersed powders. They’re often used in food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing and manufacturing. 

The High Shear Pump Mixer is great for those who want to eliminate the need for a separate process pump. The high shear mill allows for interchangeable rotors and stators, as well as variable speeds, for the utmost control of the mixing and manufacturing process.

  • High Shear Mixing Systems

Sometimes a single mixer isn’t enough for the job. That’s where high shear mixing systems come into play. These are almost entirely used for the food processing industry to handle challenging material and mixing applications. One such system is specifically designed for dressings and sauces. Another system, the tote slurry system, is perfect for thicker sauces, such as tomato paste. The Turbo Dixie Mixer is used for mixing powdered and solid materials with viscous liquids.

To discover the various high quality stainless steel mixers and mixing systems from Scott Mixers, reach out to the representatives at Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc for your needs in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana.