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Rotex Industrial Screener

Meet the machine that launched an industry. Precise. Rugged. Versatile. Rotex®

The Rotex® industrial separator with automatic tensioning delivers on-spec product with less rejection of good materials for increased profits. Rotex endures today as the industry standard, thanks to countless applications in the toughest conditions around the world.


Compensating Clamps

Patented adjustable clamps ensure uniform sealing of cover and screen decks.

Automatically Tensioned Screens

Patented quick-snap tension clips allow for even tensioning across the entire screen.


Ask your Mills Winfield representative how we can fully customize your machine inlets/outlets and add liners, decks, aspiration and more.

Positive Screen Cleaning

Mesh cleaning balls keep screen openings clear, maintaining efficiency and capacity of your Rotex screener.



Eliminates Screen Blinding

Through the use of Rotex’s mesh cleaning balls and Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, material blinding is virtually nonexistent.

Consistent Screen Tension

The screen is automatically tensioned with each new installation through the use of our unique screen-attachment method.

Longevity and Durability

Rotex screener drives are designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance.

Increased Screening Performance

All Rotex screener machines deliver greater efficiencies, superior particle accuracies and higher yields.


Sanitary, Ergonomic, and Efficient; the Ultimate Package.

The ULTREX™ industrial screener gives precise separations for food applications due to its ergonomic features and sanitary design. The ULTREX is USDA, EHEDG, and FSMA compliant for applications with the strictest sanitary requirements. Realize your highest standards with ULTREX.


Sanitary Separations

Engineered to be compliant with USDA, EHEDG, and FSMA requirements.

Toolless Ball Tray

Minimizes downtime for ball tray installation / removal and can be completed by a single operator.

Full Access Inside Screener

Top, side and discharge-end access for quick cleaning without the need for tools to disassemble.

Washdown Capable

No internal flat surfaces or ledges provides self-draining capabilities when washdown is necessary.



USDA, EHEDG and FSMA Compliant Design

Product contact surfaces in the ULTREX are in compliance with recommended sanitary and hygienic standards.

Single Operator Maintenance

The ULTREX full view top cover panels and side access doors allow one operator to inspect and/or change a screen panel in minutes.

More Uptime, More Profit

Easy inspection and maintenance results in reduced screening costs and increased productivity.

Proven Screening Performance

The ULTREX gyratory-reciprocating motion delivers on-spec product at higher yields than competitive vibratory motions.

Longevity and Durability

Rotex drives are designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance required.



Maximum efficiency. Minimal downtime.

The APEX™ industrial screener provides extremely precise separations due to its Gyratory Reciprocating Motion and sleek ergonomic design. It enables one-person inspections and maintenance. Increase plant safety while decreasing downtime with APEX.


Pre-Tensioned Screen Panels

Each panel is individually tensioned and sealed; one panel provides nine or 12 square feet of screen area.

Side Access Doors

Access any individual deck independently for inspection and maintenance.

Tail-End Discharge Chute

Heavy-duty discharge chute directs separated fraction flows to desired outlet locations. Available with or without aspiration, hinged access and dust-vent connections.

Toolless Cams

No tools are required for screen change-outs, ensuring proper installation every time.

Quick Screen Changes

Side access doors combined with pre-tensioned screen panels allow a single operator to change the entire machine in minutes.

More Uptime, More Profit

Easy single-operator inspection and maintenance results in increased processing uptime, reduced screening costs and the ability to produce more quality product.

Increased Screening Performance

When compared to standard separators, all Rotex machines deliver greater efficiencies, superior particle accuracies and higher yields.

Longevity and Durability

Rotex drives are designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance required.


Ask your Rotex representative how we can fully customize your machine inlets/outlets and add liners, decks, aspiration and more.


The highest capacities in a single unit.

Screen high-volume applications with extremely accurate separations using The Rotex Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™. Every multilevel mineral separator features unique stacked designs for smaller footprints and was engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.


Accessible External Drive

Engineered to be compliant with USDA, EHEDG, and FSMA requirements.

Quick-Release Handle

Customized heavy-duty DESTACO door clamps allow quick and easy screen access.

Easily Replaceable Seals

Customized internal seals allow for premium leak protection and easy replacement.

Brush Connections and Sliding Inlet

The inlets, outlets and dust-collection ports of the machine utilize engineered solutions to eliminate all flexible connections.



Reduced Downtime

The combination of quick-access clamps, external drives, and no flexible connections reduces downtime by making maintenance on the mineral separator easier.

Consistent Screen Tension

Through the use of our unique screen-attachment method, the screen is automatically tensioned with each new screen installation.

Eliminates Product Leakage

Each fraction is fully contained within the mineral separator through the use of our patented Cam Lift-Rail and customized internal seals.

Independent Screen Access

The stacked, multiple-deck, tray-access design allows individual screen access, which eliminates the need to remove all decks. A single deck screen change can be completed in 10 minutes, and all 12 decks within two hours.

Longevity and Durability

Rotex drives are designed for long-term, dependable service with minimal maintenance. In addition, 500 to 1,000 pounds of abrasion-resistant liners ensure your mineral separator will withstand any application.


Unrivaled Performance and Expertise in a Compact and Economical Design

RTX360 Circular Screener delivers high-level Rotex performance while introducing vibratory motion within a compact footprint. The RTX360 is a highly competitive solution among circular vibratory screeners and separators.


Compact Design

The small footprint of the RTX360 Circular Screener allows for a minimal floor space requirement and facilitates a quick and easy installation process.

Accessible Drive

The positioning of the drive ensures it is easily accessible, in addition, toolless adjustability allows you to easily optimize and tailor the screening motion to your application.

Customizable Options

Adapt to your specific application by locating the outlet position, installing de-blinding components and adding more decks as required.

Quick Release Clamping

The option of quick-release clamp rings allows for more streamlined frame removal and faster screen changes when compared to the standard tooled clamp rings.



Optimum Performance

The adjustable nature of the RTX360 Circular Vibratory Screeners allows for greater screening performance which results in higher efficiency. 

Quick Screen Changes

Pre-tensioned panels allow 1-2 operators to change the entire machine within minutes. 

Longevity and Durability

Designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance required. 

Increased Performance and Expertise

Rotex’s expertise and product line options deliver greater efficiencies and solutions for any screening requirements. 


Engineered for the grain industry.

The MEGATEX Grain Cleaner™ processes high volumes of agricultural materials that would overwhelm a conventional grain cleaner. It features aspiration doors and abrasion-resistant liners. Reduce your capital expenses with one machine that does it all — the MEGATEX Grain Cleaner.


Easily Accessible Screens

With doors at both ends of the grain cleaner, screens can be accessed at either point. This allows for easier maintenance and more uptime.

Quick-Release Handle

Customized heavy-duty DESTACO door clamps allow quick and easy screen access.

Abrasion-Resistant Liners 

Replaceable ceramic tiles and Kryptane® sheets are used throughout the grain cleaner at various high-wear areas, this causes the life of the equipment to increase.

Coarse Scalping Turret

Each unit incorporates a coarse scalp deck atop the grain cleaner to ensure large material is removed prior to screening.


MEGATEX Grain Cleaners come in three series ranging from 120 square feet all the way to 360 square feet. The tremendous screen area in a single unit allows the MEGATEX high capacity Grain Cleaner to achieve capacities up to 50,000 BPH.


Wide-Screen Design

When handling higher capacities, the depth of the material passing over the screen on conventional screeners increases. Increased bed depth diminishes the screener’s ability to stratify material, which is essential to effective screening. Expansion of the total screen area is key to increased screener capacity — but only if the area is increased properly. All screen area is not equally productive. Increased screen width expands capacity more effectively than increased screen length. MEGATEX grain screeners handle increased capacity and maintain screening accuracy by utilizing screen surfaces that are wider rather than longer. Using a two-bank, multilevel screen deck arrangement, MEGATEX grain screeners present 40 feet and 50 feet (12 meters and 15 meters) of width, respectively. This width serves to keep bed depths low, so screening accuracy and efficiency are maintained at high capacities.

Long-Stroke, Gyratory Motion

The force level created by the long-stroke (up to 7.5 centimeter), low-frequency drive serves two important functions. First, the motion effectively spreads the material across the full width of the distribution panel. This achieves proportional feeding to each of the screen levels inside the machine and eliminates the need for multiple process feed points. Second, the long stroke and low frequency produce effective ball-mesh cleaning to control blinding, providing long-term, uninterrupted operation. Screening units employing shorter strokes or higher frequency drives cannot match these two functions of the MEGATEX high capacity grain cleaner. Thus their screening effectiveness is poor, resulting in product loss or poor product quality.


High-frequency fertilizer screening.

Designed in collaboration with phosphatic fertilizer experts, the Hi Cline™ employs high-frequency vibration to rapidly separate DAP/MAP materials. Available in one- and two-deck models, the Rotex Hi Cline is the ideal solution for high-frequency fertilizer screening.


Ergonomic Design

Large access doors for screen changes, screen inspection and cleaning of the bottom deck.

Two-Year Warranty

Rugged vibrating motors have a two-year warranty.

Maintenance Ports

Rubber covers provide easy access to top screen.

Screen Tension Control

Easy-to-adjust tensioning rails ensure long screen life.



Large Product Range

The Hi Cline offers models from 60 to 150 square feet (5.6 to 13.9 square meters) of screen area in both single-deck and double-deck configurations.

Reduced Maintenance

Rubber covers allow quick and easy access to the top deck, bottom deck and large side doors, resulting in faster screen inspections and cleaning.

Built for Longevity

The Hi Cline screener carries a two-year warranty on the rugged vibrating motors, which have low energy-consumption rates.


Speed, accuracy and simplicity.

The competitively priced Plastic Pellet Screener™ accurately removes off-size material with a quick and easy setup between batches. The machine can be floor-mounted, stand-elevated or wheeled, while accurately screening and grading plastic. Rotex’s gyratory reciprocating motion sets the Plastic Pellet Screener apart from other plastic separators.


Toolless Access

Quick-disconnect clamp handles eliminate the need for tools for top-cover removal.

Double-Pass Capability

The double-pass option incorporates two oversize removal decks to reduce product contamination.

Ergonomic Design

It’s easy to disassemble, has lightweight parts and can be handled by a single operator — all within a shallower design (as low as 27 inches or 68 centimeters).

Pneumatic Tappers

Bursts of air help keep the screen deck clean and free of material blinding.



High Efficiency

Through the use of Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, screening efficiency is increased by removal of the longs without the loss of on-spec plastic pellets.

Superior Blinding Control

Mesh cleaning balls are eliminated through the use of pneumatic tappers. This results in less vertical motion on the pellets and further reduces the probability of longs diving through to the product fraction.


Lightweight parts easily handled by a single operator allow for easy disassembly during product changeovers.

Reduced Headroom

A lower silhouette than most other screening equipment allows for installation as low as 27 inches (68 centimeters).


An option is available for casters with kick-down legs.


Our plastic separators can be floor-mounted, stand-elevated, or on wheels. The low silhouette enables installation at a height as low as 27 inches (68 centimeters).



Scalping and de-dusting in bulk.

The cost-effective Direct Drive Feeder™ (and conveyor) meets all the process requirements of bulk handling industries and can be configured horizontally or inclined to fit your exact floor space.


Customizable Design

Models are available in mild and stainless steel construction, include a multitude of different lining options and can be installed horizontally or sloped.

Adjustable Drives

The drives are from an electromechanical range with adjustable weights for accurate tuning. Voltages and IP requirements can be offered to suit most applications.


Covers can be offered with either bolted or quick-release mechanisms. Fully enclosed systems use Trelleborg-type seals and enclosed shrouds.


Screens are usually of hook-strip design with manual tensioning or of a taper slot-finger design in the form of removable modular baskets. Typical media designs include square aperture and slotted aperture mesh, rod decks, taper finger decks, piano wire and perforated plate.



Customizable Motion

The utilization of contra-rotating electromechanical motors imparts both an upward and forward stroke to the main feeder body. The angle of the motors determines the preference toward either lift or conveying.

Multiple Mounting Options

Various installation options include Rosta, barrel or suspension-style mounts. Safety straps are fitted where relevant.

Engineered Installations

Rotex can provide either an open type or fully enclosed type interface with or without a rod gate isolation system for hopper bottom installations.



Tighter control over quality metrics.

The Gradex® 2000 allows you to analyze products on a more frequent and timely basis while eliminating operator error and bias. It combines reliable particle-size analysis with extremely low maintenance. It also comes with the Gradex 2000 Service Agreement, which is a two-year service contract that protects your particle analysis equipment against potential costly damage and unnecessary downtime.


Standard Test Sieves

Gradex® 2000 uses round test sieves; this configuration allows for either all half-height sizes or all full-size sieves depending on the number of sieves needed for analysis.

Auto Feed Option

The auto-feed option can accommodate multiple samples without user interaction.

Automates Sieve Analysis

A Mettler Toledo balance automates and standardizes material weighing, combining typical stroke and frequency with automated brushing.

Customized Data Reports

All analysis is transferred to a computer and the operator can customize reports for result analysis.



Eliminates Human Variance

Automated brushing and weighing results in a consistent standardized method that won’t differ or shift with personnel changes.

Increased Quality Control

More frequent and automated tests result in faster recognition of off-spec production.

Electronic Reporting

Automatically transfer the particle size analyzer results to a computer with customizable report formats.