Read the Rotex whitepaper on Carbon Activated Corp and the Rotex APEX Industrial Separator.

For one of the largest activated carbon manufacturers in the world, the Rotex APEX Industrial Separator was a game-changer for their productivity. Carbon Activated Corp (CAC) is one of the fastest growing plants in the industry, in part because of the adoption of our screening technology. When a manufacturer grows so quickly, they turn to faster equipment alternatives to keep up the pace. Because previous separators were prone to clogging. CAC needed a newer, more efficient tool to match their rising customer demand.

After all, high-quality activated carbon is a crucial product across multiple industries. We rely on manufacturers to turn coal, wood, and coconut into the materials necessary for essentials like beverage production, water purification, and gas handling. When we install drinking water filters into our homes, we’re trusting that manufacturers like CAC produce carbon that will meet safe water standards. This kind of quality carbon requires top-notch equipment and screeners to produce.

In Comes the Rotex APEX Industrial Separator.

Rotex machines stood out in the eyes of Perera, and after a few successful material tests, CAC was ready to give the equipment a try. In 2017, CAC installed their first Rotex three-deck model into their Compton, California facility. This was followed by the purchase of two more three-deck machines and a couple of two-deck machines spread across their California and West Virginia plants. 

The new equipment quickly achieved CAC’s production goals. The machines with three screening decks pump out an average two tons per hour of the powders and fine-grade materials, while the two deck machines can get up to 3 tons an hour for the course materials. 

Although the APEX equipment is vastly more efficient, the old screeners still run in the background for smaller productions. The original screeners paired with the larger machines resulted in less waste, higher yields, and lower maintenance costs, launching CAC into a new period of growth.

How the Rotex APEX Industrial Separator Works

The APEX machine has multiple segmented screen panels per deck, which means that two different screen mesh sizes can be used simultaneously. This lets companies aim for both higher yields and precise specifications in production.

Each deck also utilizes an optimized gyratory reciprocating motion to increase efficiency. This motion technology also cleans material from the mesh while reducing screen clogging in the first place. In fact, the entire machine is specially designed to make maintenance easier, including side doors that give easy reach to all screen panels for quick cleaning. 

How the Rotex APEX Industrial Separator Works

The Rotex APEX Industrial Separator is just one of dozens of processing equipment options available from Mills-Winfield. Whether you need processing equipment for solids, liquids, or gasses, the representatives at Mills-Winfield are ready to help.