Kelair Products, Inc. located in Bellwood, Illinois, manufactures a wide variety of industrial air control dampers including: butterfly, louver, slide gate, guillotine, stack caps, and other custom designs.

Refractory lining is an option that can be applied to many of their designs when process gas temperatures exceed 1500 deg F. This option incorporates a refractory material poured into a mold of the damper body. Stainless steel anchors are used to help secure the refractory material to the damper body. Refractory thickness will vary with the application based on temperature, with most ranging from 4”-6” thick. This refractory lining will insulate the exterior shell of the damper against elevated temperature which permits the use of lower cost carbon steel outer shell.   

Internal components such as the damper vanes and shafts will be fabricated from high alloy austenitic stainless steel such as 316, 309, or 330 stainless steel depending upon the application. High temperature carbon sleeve bearings are used which do not require grease. Pneumatic or electric actuators are supplied mounted and tested for a complete assembly ready for installation.

Kelair manufactures these refractory lined dampers in-house. This allows Kelair to completely control the process, along with the quality of the damper. Many damper manufacturers will out- source the refractory pour which can influence the delivery schedule and the quality of the refractory pour. Keeping all aspects of the project in-house is a real benefit to the customer.

Kelair can design refractory lined dampers for temperatures up to 2100 deg F. Typical applications include thermal oxidizers, incinerators, and high temperature flue gas applications. Butterfly style and louver style dampers are the most common damper designs which incorporate refractory lining. 

If you would like to learn more about Kelair refractory lined dampers, or any of our other industrial grade dampers, please give us a call.