Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc. is excited to join the Tranter representative network for the sale of Tranter heat exchanger products in Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana. Cities in this area that we will serve include Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Peoria in Illinois, and Gary and South Bend in Indiana, among others. 

What You Should Know About Tranter and Their Heat Exchangers

Tranter is an American based global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers and an aftermarket service provider for the plate heat exchanger industry. Significant manufacturing, research, design engineering and product development activities are based in the USA, Brazil, Sweden, China, Korea and India and enable responsiveness to local demands. Tranter is represented globally by a network of our own sales companies, licensees and agents.

Though a few different models are available, they all share one thing in common: heat transfer through plates instead of tubes. This is because turbulent flow at low velocity produces high heat transfer efficiency. The result is compact units with small heat transfer areas when compared to the shell and tube exchangers that might be considered the “conventional” type of heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger Models to Discover

While plates for heat transfer definitely set Tranter apart from other brands, that’s not the only thing that makes them unique. With the gasketed plate heat exchanger, frames, plates, and connections can be combined in various configurations to offers several different exchanger types. Because they’re gasketed, they can be expanded or adapted through the addition, subtraction, or replacement of plates, meaning you essentially have several different heat exchangers, all in one.

The Superchanger® is designed to achieve higher pressure ratings, more efficient heat transfer with lower pressure drop, and to handle streams with a high particulate load. They’re used everywhere, from casinos and hospitals, to amusement parks and large breweries, and data centers and offshore oil rigs.

Tranter also makes welded plate heat exchangers, which are perfect for extreme temperatures and for special designs that might be limited by gasket exchangers. The Supermax® is the perfect solution for small footprints, designed for pressures to 103 barg and temperatures up to 448° Celsius, or 840° Fahrenheit. 

The Novusbloc® comes in four different models for ease of use in smaller spaces, all created with increased durability and energy efficiency in mind. The model needed depends on your heat transfer duty requirements, as well as the space available for the equipment.

To further explore the various heat exchanger options that Tranter offers, reach out to Mills-Winfield for more information. With our location in Illinois, we’re in the perfect location to help anyone in Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana.