Made with the plastics processing industry in mind, the Coperion K-Tron ProRate PLUS feeder expands upon their ProRate feeder portfolio. It’s a single-screw feeder ideal for feeding pellets, granules, and other bulk materials often used in secondary plastics applications. There are quite a few updates, resulting in several new benefits.

Space-Saving Design

The trapezoid shape of the Coperion K-Tron ProRate PLUS allows for up to six feeders to be grouped around an extruder inlet with a five-foot radius. Six separate feeders capable of handling feeding rates from .12 to 400 cubic feet per hour can be done by six different feeders at once. The feed rates, of course, depend on the material being fed through the ProRate PLUS. Six feeders can feed up to 1,017 cubic feet per hour without taking up over seventy-five square feet of space.

Innovative Features

Perhaps the most innovative of all features is the ProClean Rail. This patent-pending system makes it easy to retract the base unit toward the back of the feeder and rotate it to access feeding and screw elements. Cleaning and maintenance are easier than ever, without needing to move the feeder from its position. Also, the bellows and screw use magnet technology for strong mounting. You can release parts without tools while maintaining the position of the machinery for safe cleaning and operation.

The ProRate PLUS feeders also have Smart Force Transducer weighing technology. Regardless of your operating conditions, they provide reliable digital weight management for correct distribution. Repeatability and stability are promised, even in environments with high vibration and electrical noise.

Standardized Performance

The Coperion K-Tron ProRate PLUS introduces a host of benefits through many innovative design changes. Yet, they’re standard in the ways that really matter. This means your employees will spend no time at all learning to use the new equipment. Using the product during production is highly intuitive. Little to no training is necessary for anyone who has used previous iterations of the ProRate or similar equipment. Also, spare parts are easy to keep in stock. Many are identical for the three separate models and can be used between all devices.

Mills-Winfield is proud to offer the Coperion K-Tron ProRate PLUS in all three available sizes. These can be installed as single units or in configurations of up to six units. Set-up is easy, with diagnostics and operator interface functions integrated into the user interface. The user interface also comes with a host communication port. To learn more about these revolutionary feeders, reach out any time.