Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc. is proud to observe the 100th anniversary of Lightnin, one of our top mixing brand partnerships. As a nearly 100-year-old business ourselves, we understand the commitment and quality that comes from being in the industry so long. This occasion celebrates a century of enhancement in mixing technology, productivity, and affordability. No one does it quite like Lightnin. 

Lightnin’s Illustrious History

In honor of Lightnin’s milestone anniversary, we’re going to dive into who they are and their innovative history. 

Lightnin is a premier provider of the latest mixing technology in waste and water treatment, solvent purification, pharmaceutical processing, and more. Their brand takes great pride in supplying long-lasting, energy-efficient equipment to industry leaders around the world. Their 100 years of experience shows in their quality products. 

It all started in 1923 when the Mixing Equipment Company (MIXCO) unveiled the Lightnin brand. Lightnin’s reputation was in the name: fast customer delivery and fast mixing. In 1937, Lightnin rolled out their Rushton impeller, a flat-bladed radial turbine that changed the mixing game. 

Lightnin’s innovation paid off in 1944 when its technology manufactured antibiotics, synthetic rubber, and high-octane gasoline during a tumultuous time in American history. The brand was bestowed the Army-Navy “E” Production Award for their advancements. 

Fast-forward a few more decades of hard work and progress, and in 1981, Lightnin set the standard with their A310 hydrofoil impeller. The brand went on to introduce several more high-tech impeller models throughout the rest of the century. Most recently, Lightnin played an essential role in COVID-19 vaccine production. 

The Lightnin Brand Today

The brand is walking into 2023 with their 100-year mission to promote sustainability and affordability in the mixing technology industry. Manufacturing brands that are concerned with green initiatives can be sure they’re reducing their carbon footprint when using Lightnin mixers.

Lightnin’s range of mixers is broad and covers any of your mixing needs. Some of the products you can expect from the line include in-line mixers, magnetic mixers, portable mixers, side-entry mixers, and top-entry mixers. You can also purchase axial flow, circular flow, and radial flow impellers. If they don’t already have what you need, Lightnin is happy to help with construction of custom process solutions that fit your specific demands.

Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc. is proud to offer Lightnin mixers and other SPX FLOW mixers like Plenty and Philadelphia. We are excited to see what Lightnin will do in the future. Happy 100th Anniversary, Lightnin!