Read the Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. whitepaper on the CPEG Test Lab.

The Carrier Process Equipment Group recently updated the equipment available in the CPEG lab. The lab now features a host of thermodynamic processing equipment, including conventional and vibrating fluid beds, slurry dryers, flash dryers, thermal screw and rotary dryers. The lab can be used to confirm sizing selections as well develop or modify existing processes.

What Happens in the Test Lab?

Testing for new formulations and processes can occur in two different ways. The first option is to use small batch sizing. This technique (which is very accurate) is used to define variables, calculate required retention times, and evaluate material flow characteristics. In most cases this testing takes two days and customers are welcome to witness the test. It frequently is adequate to move on with the project.

The second option is for pilot scale continuous testing.  We are able to set up the lab to mimic just about any configuration. Customers can test multiple options and see their product run for an hour or more in actual production scenarios.

If it’s not feasible for you to transport operations to the test lab, CPEG can provide test-size equipment for your location. The equipment can be rented for long-term testing, so you’ll have all the time you need to develop formulas and products. Technicians are available to assist in running these tests.

Carrier Process Equipment Group promises complete confidentiality. 

What Equipment Is Now Available?

You can be reasonably confident that any equipment you need for your testing environment will be available. Carrier Process Equipment Group has improved their chances of delighting you with equipment options by adding more equipment from S. Howes and Heyl Patterson to the already available Carrier and Sly brands. 

Equipment now includes new blenders, screw conveyors, calciners, and rotary dryers, in addition to ribbon and paddle mixers, blenders, separators, vibrating and static fluid bed dryers, flash and tornesh dryers, bulk flow indirect heating and cooling exchangers, thermal processors, filtration equipment, agglomerator granulators, and screeners. 

There are four separate process equipment companies within the Carrier Process Equipment Group to handle anything you plan to manufacture. The equipment can handle aggregates and sand, metalcasting, recycling and C & D materials, and mining and minerals, as well as chemicals, paper, wood, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. 

You’re free to test your hypotheses, formulas, products, and processes before determining which new pieces of equipment are best for you. When you’re ready, we can help. 

Reach out any time to the representatives at Mills-Winfield Engineering Sales, Inc. for an initial consultation. We will help get your project launched.